Kitchen Trends

15th January 2018




Looking for a fresh start for the new year? Feel inspired as we share our top five stylish kitchen trends in 2018.

Coloured kitchens

Whilst monochromatic kitchens are still a design staple, colour is making a comeback. Add character and dimension to your kitchen by incorporating contrasting finishes and colours. For example combine different hues of the same colour for simplistic style, or if you’re looking for something a little more daring why not add a bright cabinet amongst a neutral worktop.

Black appliances

Moodier palettes will be a key trend for 2018, so why not take your cooking space to the next level by making a dramatic statement. Black appliances not only add instant sophistication to any kitchen, but also create a focal point for guests to affix to. When paired with metallic finishes and cookware this is a combination sure to impress!

Heavy metal

From copper to gold, this year will see an increased use of metallics in the kitchen. It’s no longer just about stainless steel, layer your kitchen by mixing finishes for the right amount of sparkle and shine. From little touches such as handles and plug sockets right up to small appliances, to create a luxurious kitchen.

Tiled backsplash

The backsplash is an important working part of any kitchen, and 2018 is all about saying goodbye to the traditional white tile and hello to colourful and bold patterns. Create visual interest with two different patterned glass backsplashes against a neutral kitchen. Or for a more streamlined look, considering using the same finish on both the countertop and backsplash.

Island benches

Whilst this is not a new trend, but rather one that’s still strengthening into the new year. Island benches are going nowhere fast, the kitchen remains the heart of any home, from cooking to socialising. Islands are the perfect option if you’re looking to open up your kitchen space as well as tying together the living and dining space.

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