Save money and save the planet. Top 5 tips when purchasing your new bathroom

3rd September 2018


A shower may not be the most exciting gadget you will ever buy but it is a really important part of many people’s daily routine. There is nothing worse than stepping in to a shower that simply does not have enough power or is only mildly warm in temperature. A good shower can not only get you clean but also help you feel refreshed, restored and ready for the day ahead. It can also be a way to relax in an evening after a hard day at work.

Top 5 Tips before you buy:

1)            Check your home plumbing system

It is very important to check the specifications of your home plumbing system before you purchase a new shower. There is no point in spending hundreds on an all singing all dancing shower system if the plumbing in your home will not work with it. If you have a cold water tank in your attic and a hot water tank in an airing cupboard then you most probably have a gravity system. If you have a full size boiler and no water tanks then you most likely have a high pressure system. Before upgrading your shower you may need to upgrade your plumbing system.

2)            Do your research

There are so many different bathroom designs that it is important to do your research before committing to a bathroom suite. We at Avanti offer a bespoke bathroom design, build and fitting service that ensures you not only get the bathroom you want but also that it is made to a high standard and has been built to last. We have a wide range of bathrooms on offer that allow us to find the one that suits not only your style but is also practical.

More and more people are prioritising a redesign of their bathroom, over other rooms in the home. For many, it is a place to relax in and whether you like a sleek modern bathroom finish or something a little more traditional, we have ranges to suit all tastes.

If you’re short of space in your bathroom then you may opt for a walk in shower or be looking for ways to make your bathroom appear larger than it is.

Leading expert, Mar Esteve Cortes of TheSize has recently said “Using the same material inside and outside the shower evokes continuity, rather than segmenting the area in to smaller sections, creating the illusion that there is more space than there actually is.”

3)            Accessorise your bathroom

When it comes to the final tweaks on your bathroom design, don’t forget to add those all-important accessories. A heated towel rail, a seat that can be pulled down within your shower or simply a floating shelf to store your shampoos can make a real difference not only practically but also to the overall finish of your bathroom. A rain forest type shower head can look visually pleasing as well as offering a revitalising showering experience.

4)            Save money and save the planet

More and more of us are starting to think about what we can do to help not only reduce our bills but also become more eco-friendly.  The Environmental Agency suggests that on average a household in the UK uses 140 litres of water a day. Upgrading your bathroom is the perfect time to make changes that will help cut down on your water usage and energy bills. Andy Grigor of Methven says “making your bathroom more eco-friendly can save you money in the long run. If you’re looking to cut down on your energy bills, opting for a low flow shower handset is one of the simplest things to do.”

If you want to cut down on water usage but still like a power shower, then why not look in to an air shower instead. This system has been designed to mix water pressure with air pressure to create a powerful showering experience whilst using less water.

5)            Research the technology available for bathrooms

As with all technologies, bathroom tech has advanced a lot over the past few years. There are more and more gadgets on the market that can be installed in your home to allow you to live more comfortably. If you like to listen to music whilst in the bath or shower, then you may choose to install some water proof speakers that can be connected to a smart phone via Bluetooth, or you may like the idea of being able to turn your shower on and set it to the right temperature from your bed. These are just a few of the types of gadgets that are on the market which you can have installed in your bathroom.

Smart home technology is being used in more and more homes and can even be used to detect leaks in a bathroom before they become a major issue. Some insurance companies are even offering Smart home technology as part of their insurance packages – so it is worth shopping around.

If you are considering upgrading your bath or shower room, then why not contact us for a free no obligation quotation. All of our bathroom furniture is made locally in our factory and is made to measure. Our designers are happy to offer a free design visit to all customers.